Hurricanes Are Raging, Brace Yourself, with InsurCard

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The 2008 storm season promises to be merciless. We are already seeing the predictions come true for a ‘much more active’ Atlantic hurricane season as predicted by meteorologists from Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science. That’s why insurance companies have to be ready BEFORE disaster strikes and able to react instantly. You simply cannot afford to wait…and now, you don’t have to. InsurCard has you covered.

You just filed an insurance claim. You’re facing serious, unexpected hardships. You need the money as soon as possible. And you want it in a form that you can use right away – quickly and easily.

The InsurCard Visa® Prepaid Card is the solution:

In a catastrophe, adjusters in field offices receive an allowance of cards for the number of claims they plan to evaluate that day. Cards are inactive and have no value until authorized by the insurer. As soon as possible, the adjuster meets the policyholder at the scene, makes an initial claim evaluation, and determines the amount to be paid for immediate needs. The adjuster activates the card by phone, on the spot. Once activated, InsurCard provides the policyholder with the necessary funds to meet critical needs for food, shelter, and emergency repairs. As the recovery process continues, the card may be reloaded to pay for property damage and additional living expenses.

InsurCard is so simple, so practical and so economical that you have to wonder why it wasn’t always like this.

Consider the advantages of InsurCard:

  1. Ready-to-use turnkey program designed for fast response in case of catastrophes. Cards are kept on-hand so funds can be dispersed rapidly. Cards are activated real-time in the field so funds are immediately accessible by insureds without having to wait for checks to clear.
  2. Highly secure. Because each card is linked to a specific policyholder and claim, cards are safe enough to be used by outside adjusters, even independents. And the insurer controls the payment and activation of cards. Cards have no value until the insurer authorizes payment.
  3. More cost effective than checks. Studies show it costs insurers $10 to $14 per claim check issued. InsurCard not only costs less, it can be reloaded with additional payments to complete a claim for even greater savings.

InsurCard is the brainchild of J. Robert Mendte of Lansdale, Pa. – a seasoned pro with more than 30 years experience as an insurance operations executive and management consultant. According to Mendte, “No state prohibits the use of a properly designed prepaid card program for the payment of insurance claims.”

About InsurCard

InsurCard is a wholly owned subsidiary of Service Network Design LLC. As specialists in insurance operations and systems, SND designed InsurCard to meet the stringent requirements of the insurance industry. For more information about InsurCard visit www.insurcard.us or call 800-708-9887.

About The Bancorp Bank

The Bancorp Bank is the nation’s third largest issuer of network branded prepaid card accounts. Long-standing relationships with card associations and industry leading networks and processors are the key to the organization’s success. For more information, visit www.thebancorp.com.

The InsurCard Visa Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC.