• Energi and HDI-Gerling America Insurance Company roll out InsurCard’s Prepaid Cards

    Cherry Hill, NJ, February 24, 2014 – Energi and HDI-Gerling America Insurance Company has selected InsurCard’s Prepaid Card program as their preferred method of paying workers’ compensation benefit payments to both injured workers and healthcare providers.   InsurCard, the industry

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  • InsurCard Benefits the Un/Under-banked

    Greater than 25% of U.S. Households are un-banked (no checking or savings account) or under-banked (a household member has a bank account, but still rely on alternative financial solutions such as check cashing agencies, payday loans, pawn shops, etc.). These non-bank

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  • U.S. Mail Delivery to slow down as they close centers, means longer wait for checks

    Lansdale, PA - With the recent announcement of over 487 U.S. Post Office closings, mail delivery is going to slow down substantially.  First-class mail will have farther to travel and no longer be delivered the next day. This means injured

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  • Prepaid cards bring new efficiencies to a market seeking solutions

    Those familiar with the world of workers’ compensation insurance know that complexity, mainly in the form of the historical patchwork quilt of state laws regulating the industry, is the rule, not the exception. One area of particular difficulty is getting

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2010 was an exciting award winning year for InsurCard…

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