• Update on Legal Approvals

    The InsurCard Workers Compensation payment program is ready to launch in Rhode Island following review and approval by the State.     InsurCard is a complete, ready to use prepaid program designed for the Insurance Industry working with Insurers and

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  • Energi and HDI-Gerling America Insurance Company roll out InsurCard’s Prepaid Cards

    Cherry Hill, NJ, February 24, 2014 – Energi and HDI-Gerling America Insurance Company has selected InsurCard’s Prepaid Card program as their preferred method of paying workers’ compensation benefit payments to both injured workers and healthcare providers.   InsurCard, the industry

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  • InsurCard Benefits the Un/Under-banked

    Greater than 25% of U.S. Households are un-banked (no checking or savings account) or under-banked (a household member has a bank account, but still rely on alternative financial solutions such as check cashing agencies, payday loans, pawn shops, etc.). These non-bank

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  • U.S. Mail Delivery to slow down as they close centers, means longer wait for checks

    Lansdale, PA - With the recent announcement of over 487 U.S. Post Office closings, mail delivery is going to slow down substantially.  First-class mail will have farther to travel and no longer be delivered the next day. This means injured

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2010 was an exciting award winning year for InsurCard…

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